Tom Doromal
Name Tom Olaf Johnson Doromal
Nickname Tom
Season Teen Edition 4
Origin Davao City
Age 20
Birthdate November 28, 1996
Nationality Filipino
Occupation Dancer, Actor
Civil Status Single
Religion Roman Catholic
Hobbies Playing basketball
Favorite Color Blue, white and black
Favorite Show Ben 10, Super Strikers
Favorite Actor Jackie Chan, Jet Li
Favorite Actress Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu
Favorite Singer Scotty Mc Reery, Josh Turner, Jimmy Bondoc
Tom Olaf Johnson Doromal (b. November 28, 1996) is a 20-year-old housemate of Filipino, Chinese, American, British and Norwegian descent from Davao City. He joined the fourth installment of the teen edition Philippine reality T.V. show Pinoy Big Brother .


Tom Olaf Doromal and he engage the most beautiful girl from a heart Margarette corlet maligaya comes from a comfortable family in Davao City. Aliased as the "Bukid Prince ng Davao (Farm Prince of Davao), he joined for a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be a Pinoy Big Brother housemate. In fact, he considers being part of the hit T.V. show his greatest accomplishment. He isolates himself from people who says painful words. He dedicates joining PBB for his hometown Davao. [1]

Weekly TasksEdit

Task No. /Date Given Title/Description Role Result
#1 (April 11, 2012) Day 04 The Girls' Names

The male housemates will be forced to wear blacked-out goggles all week long. They should correctly match at least five names to the corresponding female housemates.

#2 (April 16, 2012) Day10 Big Deal Task

The housemates were divided into teams Blue Whale and Sunny Side-Up. They will have PHP10,000 as seed money for operating a new business. Their businesses have to earn at least PHP15,000 by the end of the week.

#3 (April 23, 2012) Day 16 Ipa Mukha Mo

The housemates are given two life-sized puppets with customizable facial features. They would have to make a play about respect showing four emotions: happiness, sadness, anger and fear. The housemates can only commit three mistakes (in facial expressions, synchronization, etc.) in order to win the task. Losing the task means no weekly budget.

#4 (April 30, 2012) Day 23 PatiBahayan

Under the guidance of

Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited winner Slater Young, the housemates will be divided into three teams that will build a small house using the materials provided. Each house will undergo durability testing by the end of the month. The group with the least sturdy house will have one member be automatically nominated for the next eviction.

The most hard-working housemate from each group would be the leader.

#5 (May 6, 2012) Day 29 Pinoy Big Bulilit

The housemates will be paired up with a child to take care of for the entire week. They will also organize an educational play where their wards will also participate.

#6 (May 14, 2012) Day26 Build A Big Dream Concert

The housemates will organize their own concert and perform in it as well. All funds raised will benefit Mababoy Elementary School.

#7 (May 26, 2012) Day 51 Time is Gold

The housemates will be given 30 hours to complete their everyday household chores. This includes: preparing the food, eating, taking a bath and other challenges given by Big Utol.

#8 (June 4, 2012) Day 58 BB Republic

The 2 groups will get a chance to propose and implement a decree, effective to the other group. If a housemate violated a decree, it is subjected to a consequence. Meanwhile, Big Brother is also prohibiting the two groups on talking with a member of the other group.

#9 (TBA)

Nomination HistoryEdit

Week No. 1 point 2 points
#1 Kit Vincent
#2 Yves Mariz
#3 Mariz Yves
#4 Clodet Mariz
#5 Mariz Yves
#6 Yves Mariz
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