Bailey Thomas Cabello May (born August 6, 2002) is a 12-year-old social media personality from Norwich, United Kingdom. He was born in Cebu City to a Filipino mother and a British father before moving to UK at age 4. Though he frequently visits his relatives in Cebu, he only knows little of the Filipino language. He is, by far, the youngest Big Brother housemate in the whole franchise. He was nominated for three consecutive weeks but he continues to evade eviction. On week 3, he won the Ligtask challenge, rendering him safe from nomination. On week 4, he was nominated after failing the immunity challenge, but got saved by the winning team. On Week 5, his group, the Dream Team, won the majority of votes for their performances in The Big-Ating Concert thus, being granted immunity along with Franco and Ylona. On week 6, he used the Ligtas app from the Big Tablet to save himself from nomination. On Day 49, he became a finalist with 1.99% of the net votes. He exited the House on Day 50. He returned to the House on Day 99.


Bailey May

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